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What is SMA?

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Each infant stricken with SMA, Type I is different.   We have included this only for your information.  All medical decisions should be made in conjunction with your doctor.


Soon after Wyatt's diagnosis we began daily chest physical therapy intervention.   When he woke for the day and just before bedtime we would spend time following the routine designed by our chest Physical Therapist to maintain clear lungs and prevent Pneumonia.  We suggest seeking out a certified Physical Therapist trained in chest P.T.


This little guy gives a great pat on the back.  Ask your chest P.T. for one of these.  It is called a percussor and we used it during our chest P.T. sessions but also throughout the day when Wyatt needed burping.


Vibration is another way to keep things moving and clear in the lungs and airway.   Gentle vibration was applied to Wyatt's back using our fingers or a low speed massager that you can find at any bath/body type store.  Wyatt enjoyed the vibration-it often made him smile and laugh.