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Each infant stricken with SMA, Type I is different.   We have included this only for your information.  All medical decisions should be made in conjunction with your doctor.


Please be patient.  This page is currently under construction.


After awhile it may become difficult to transport your child.  Wyatt could not sit upright without choking.  We were able to use a car bed, made by Cosco.   In the car bed, which is certified to meet government regulations, Wyatt was able to travel with us.  The number to call for Cosco is 812-526-0860.  This is their outlet store number.  They have lots of things for your baby.


As time went by, we realized that the only type of stroller that worked for Wyatt was one that allowed him to rest completely flat - either on his side or back.  We used one from GRACO, however, there are many available.


This is an absolute "must have" for any baby.  We used this first as a nursing pillow wrapping the open side around Mom's waist and laying Wyatt on to to nurse.   Next, we used it to support trunk and neck strength development by placing Wyatt's arms over the back of the Boppy while laying on his stomach.  We used the Boppy to support more upright positions ( the angle was much more comfortable than an infant seat or swing) which allowed support of the shoulders as well as enabled Wyatt to move his hands and fingers.  We also used it to support Wyatt in sidelying.