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This web site is an extension of The Wyatt Kyle Sutker Foundation, LTD.  The goals of the Foundation are numerous. Educating the public about SMA Type I is a major goal.  This site, which we dedicate to Wyatt,  parents & family & friends, and to the medical practitioners that touched Wyatt's life, is one of the Foundation's ways of educating the public about the terrible toll SMA Type I takes.


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Hi- My name is Wyatt Kyle Sutker and this site is dedicated to educating people about my struggle with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type I, (SMA I).  My mom and dad will tell you the story about me, the disease, where to get more information, and show you some pictures of me.

I was born on November 2nd, 1998 at 12:14am.  It was an easy labor for my mom.   In fact, she was told to start pushing at midnight, and 14 minutes later out I came.  My dad was so proud and I was so cute!  Everything in the hospital was fine, I got 9's on my Apgars, my first test and I passed with flying colors -- I was ready to conquer the world.

Over the next few weeks I got comfortable with my new surroundings, they were a little different than what I was used to.  My parents had the usual worries that first time parents have: Does this sneeze mean I have a cold? What if I choke?  What was bothering me if I cried in the middle of the night? and How were they going to put me through college?  

I had my first doctor's appointment after four weeks, everything was fine.  My heart and lungs were perfect -- everything seemed normal.  Over  the next few weeks my parents began to be concerned with my muscle tone.  I was kind of floppy and my head kept falling to the side -- it just wouldn't stay up.

My mom took me to the doctor for my 8 week check-up.  She had a long list of things she wanted to ask the doctor.  She asked the questions.  The last question she asked the doctor was -- "We're concerned about his muscle tone -- he seems floppy, and can't keep his head up."  The doctor examined me some more and recommended we see a pediatric neurologist as soon as possible.

My mommy was concerned, but she never expected what was to come next.

That same day, my mommy was able to see a specialist in the field of pediatric neurology.  The doctor looked me over and in less than ten minutes told my mommy that I had Werdnig-Hoffmann's disease, also known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Type I.   I was going to die before my second birthday.

This site is dedicated to educating people about the terrible disease that took my life on April 13th, 1999.  There are pages that describe the disease, pages that discuss treatments my parents gave me, links to sites that will help you learn more about how families have coped with the disease, information about the foundation my parents have started to assist in the research effort, and lots of pictures of me.

One word of caution.  The medical information about the care my parents gave me, should be reviewed with your doctor before you apply it to your child.   If you have questions, please leave them in my guest book, or email my parents at info@wkswithsma.com.  My mommy or dad will get back to you.


Wyatt Kyle